Turning on the tap using mobile technology

AIF joins the rest of the world today in commemorating World Water Day, under the theme: "Wastewater: the Untapped Resource" as part of its efforts to engage innovation-led approaches to empowering the local community in Angola, access and improvement of water supply for all being a key feature of this program.

Sipa Water Sipa Water

The Social Impact Program for Angola (SIPA) driven by AIF, works with Development Workshop to monitor water supply services using GSM technology through the "See Water Project" in Luanda, Angola. The rational is that systematic observation provides data for the service provider, improving repair work and planning, as well as opening up room for water network expansion. The initiative also seeks to improve access to basic services and facilities in the peri-urban areas of Luanda.

Sipa Water Sipa Water

Already 78 000 have been positively impacted by this technological innovation in Luanda.

Sipa Water

This project is being funded by the Angolan Sovereign Wealth Fund (FSDEA).